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Cellulite - problem of a modern woman

anticel.jpgCellulite is a problem of a modern woman who despite great concern about her looks hardly manages to prevent these unaesthetic layers from generating on her skin. Piled fats, water and toxins give hard time to ladies almost without exception.

Special approach to cellulite elimination

Considering that cellulite is not bare fat it cannot be removed being on a usual diet. When energetic intake is lessened organism automatically uses reserves of fat in the organism, but cellulite remains. Therefore it is necessary to approach systematically to the problem of piled up cellulite and simultaneously act upon all the causes.

Kirkolina products in cellulite treatment

anticel1.jpgKirka Pharma carefully formulated anti-cellulite preparations which represent unique and complete therapy against cellulite.
Anti-cellulite tea enhances blood circulation, influences favorably the process of nutritious matter exchange and fat decomposition, and eases drainage of tissue liquids and elimination of metabolism products. Effects are presented in shape of successful reduction on piled up fat tissue, reduction of cellulite, tightening and improved skin appearance.
Especially formulated anti-cellulite gel ivy and chestnut based with essential oils of rosemary, lemon and caffeine enables efficient struggle against cellulite. Using this gel blood circulation in superficial layers of the skin is enhanced and microcirculation is stimulated which affects intensifying metabolic processes on the place where applied and structural decomposition of cellulite. Accumulated water and toxins are slowly thrown out from cellulite tissue and moisture and elasticity of skin is increased.