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Production: Kurirska 19c, Zemun Polje, Serbia
Tel/fax: +381 11 3753-144e-mail: office@kirkapharma.com


Production plant is situated in Zemun Polje, 19c Kurirska St., on a piece of land sized 1Ha. The plant, i.e. working and production premises of the company are far from ecologically polluted areas and industrial zone and they ensure adequate conditions for this type of production.
Buildings constructed are organized in the way that there is a logical sequence of the materials, which at the same time fulfills the demands regarding maintained correctness of the products in all phases.
There are three separate entireties within the production:
1.  Tea production:
a) Production of filter tea
b) Production of mono-component pharmacy tea
c) Production of herbal mixture
d) Production of not packed tea
2.  Production of herbal extracts:
a) Production of tinctures
b) Production of composed oils
c) Production of essential oils
3. Production of cosmetic formulas and items of general use:
a) Oil-based cosmetic formulas
b) Herbs-based items of general use
All the formulas are prepared on modern equipment made of stainless materials the quality of which is approved by Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Belgrade.
All the equipment is regularly tested and maintained.
Procedure of cleaning and sanitary maintenance of the equipment and working premises is documented, and products used for cleaning and sanitary maintenance are from the class recommended for food industry.
Quality control of the products is not limited only to laboratory control, but encompasses all the activities and decisions related to the quality of the products.
Products are launched on the market only when complete documented inspection is done making sure that the product meets the regulations. Testing and putting on the market is done by authority for quality control in accordance with written specification.