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Policy of quality and safety of products

Kirka Corporation with slogan: " From nature to you " produces and sells a vast range of products based on remedial herbs, such as:
- filter tea
- tea mixtures
- herbal components
- bio-cosmetics 
- herbal extracts
it is our companys duty to ALWAYS ensure medically safe and high-quality product to the end users, in accordance with: declaration for product, regulations and standards.
Regarding the mentioned the company will constantly take a number of preventive measures integrated in HACCP system and quality management system, in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standard.

The company KIRKA CORPORATION D.O.O. is obliged to make constant efforts in order to:
Become and remain the leader in this industry in the state, south-east Europe and one of famous and recognized manufacturers in Europe.
- - -
Produce and deliver its products in accordance with international and state regulations and standards ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP gaining verification accordingly.
- - -
Remove all possible safety and health risks by constant control of products and processes regarding hygiene, good practice and self control on the basis of HACCP-concept.
- - -
Ensure checking and harmonization of products with production specification and imposed lawful regulations, in order to provide rationality of products and positive communication with the market
- - -
Carry out production in clean and by all means protected premises.
- - -
Maintain the production equipment in most excellent condition
- - -
Furnish production material from reliable sources; prove the correctness of raw materials in laboratory and otherwise analyzing and regularly etalon and check measuring instruments
- - -
Use exclusively drinking water in production processes
- - -
Maintain maximum hygiene in production premises and production equipment according to special plans and instructions
- - -
Establish quality and long term cooperation with business partners.
- - -
Stimulate further education of employees, their creativity, initiative, and responsibility about quality.
- - - 
Ensure that employees in production processes are constantly educated about the significance of products safety and applying HACCP system, submitted to periodic health controls and aware of personal responsibility for measures and rules that must be taken and obeyed.
- - -
All the employees should give personal contribution to carry out this quality and safety policy, striving to get every job done with quality and on time thus improve overall business results..
- - -
Protect, preserve and improve environment using healthy, natural raw materials and controlled processes.

 Director: Slavica Janjusevic